Yoga for Babies,Children and Adults with Limitations, Disabilities and Special Needs

How I work with Babies and Children

As a trained Special Needs Yoga Therapist with Special Yoga Foundation, check out this great video they made, narrated by TV presenter Gabby Roslin, demonstrating how we bring the benefits and joy of Yoga into the lives of with children with limitations, disabilities and special needs.

Fun And Therapeutic Yoga Activities

Specialist Yoga instruction for Babies and Children with limitations, disabilities and special needs


Yoga helps children develop:

​Strength, flexibility, balance, concentration, focus and attention,  breath control  relaxation and self-control, inner strength,  spacial and body awareness,  confidence and self-esteem, creativity and imagination whilst experiencing a sense of Peace and Well-Being.


Parents, teachers and medical professionals are beginning to recognise the benefits of yoga for young people with special needs.

Using adapted yoga postures, breathing techniques and sound therapies, individually designed programmes are created for the child, focusing on their abilities, capabilities and particular needs, not on their disabilities.

 The wonderful thing is that yoga can help a child whatever stage they are with their condition, it offers something new to children with special-needs and it allows them to be able do some of the things that able-bodied people can do.

‘Yoga for special needs’ is gentle and therapeutic – safe for babies, children and teens with developmental disabilities including Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADD, ADHD and those deaf/blind sensory impairments.

The simple and fun yoga programme is designed to increase cognitive and motor skills, improve concentration and reduce hyperactivity.   The stretching, breathing and singing helps promote the child's focus and help them to feel more connected to, and comfortable within their bodies.

This style of yoga provides an adaptive programme to enhance harmoniously the natural development of children with special needs. It is gentle and therapeutic – safe for babies and children with a range of developmental disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome and many other conditions. This gentle approach also provides an effective therapy for children diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, and other Learning Disabilities.

This unique therapeutic yoga method of postures, breathing techniques and sound therapies, helps to stretch and tone the muscles, develop the child's focus, bring a sense of well being and helps them to feel more relaxed. Yoga has been proven to enhance the lives of children with special needs and provide considerable support for their families and carers.

One to one yoga sessions are ideal for less abled children and small groups can be conducted for more able bodied students.

Adults with special needs and limitations can benefit from yoga. When they become familiar with the yoga poses, some can practice the postures by themselves, to whether it would be to instill relaxation or build a sense of self – control when they feel anxious, tired or frustrated. 

I can also travel to your home to make yoga more accessible, personal and confidential for those who cannot travel.

​Please contact Wendy for a chat about how Yoga can help your child with special needs.

Direct Payments Scheme

As I am accredited with Somerset County Council and my Yoga Therapy is recommended by social workers, parents/carers/schools can use their Direct Payments Funding for the yoga sessions

Working with a student with Autism
Working with a student with Autism

Yoga is for Everybody

You don't have to be able bodied to enjoy the benefits of yoga


Whatever your disability each Yoga pose can be modified or adapted to meet your physical needs. 

The Yoga poses can be performed while seated in a chair or wheelchair  and may be practiced with my  assistance as needed. 

Whether you are in a wheelchair or simply need to use a chair, yoga is an adaptable activity for people of all abilities. 

Deaf and blind people can also enjoy the benefits of yoga.  

Specialist training in this field allows me to enable those with sensory impairment to practice simple yoga sequences safely, allowing time for explanation, demonstration and exploration.   The student will receive  pictorial instructional hand-outs of the yoga postures we practice, including the breathing cues number of repetitions; as well as printed step by step instructions for the breathing practices and the meditations.  This gives the student the 'tools' and opportunity to continue a home practice with confidence. 

1 to 1  sessions are ideal for those with sensory impairment  to enable the student to practice at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate for them.

Small group sessions could be arranged, please contact Wendy to discuss.

The Benefits of Wheelchair Yoga

  • Improved strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Less feelings of stress, anxiety and tension
  • Improved focus
  • Improved clarity
  • Overall improved sense of well being

If you would like yoga for your own group, please get in touch.


Orchard Vale Trust - Well Being Days

Gentle Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities


Wendy is teaming up with Orchard Vale Trust to offer Gentle Therapeutic Yoga as part of their new programme offering a day full of therapeutic and well being activities at the 'Red Brick Building in Glastonbury, Somerset.

The Well Being Days will start on a fortnightly basis from Tuesday 16th October.

The Orchard Vale Trust is a charity based in Somerset and has been operating for over 30 years. They support adults with learning disabilities to live life to the full by providing personalised support and enabling independence through a number of different projects throughout the community.  

To book a place for the Well Being Day, please click on the link below or call the Orchard Vale Trust team on: 


Tel: 01749 671706  or


PLEASE NOTE:  bookings for the Well Being Days can only be made through the Orchard Vale Trust.


Yoga in Mainstream and SEND Schools

The benefits of a Little Yoginis Yoga Club in your school

There is now considerable evidence that mind-body practices, such as yoga, can have beneficial effects on the mental and physical health of children and adolescents.

The development and application of meditation and yoga-based activities are now being offered in schools to improve students’ mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Practices such as yoga and meditation induce changes in brain structure and function, which can enhance skills, such as self-regulation cognitive skills and lead to improvements in students’ performance.

Yoga practices have the potential to play a fundamental role in enhancing the quality of children’s education and recent governmental initiatives have focused on educating the whole child and suggest that teaching yoga in schools is an important part of that movement.

If you would like to find out more about a Little Yoginis Yoga Club in your school, please contact Wendy.

Please click on the links below to see children practicing yoga with Wendy in Fairmead Special Needs School, Yeovil, Somerset.. 


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