Introducing the Buttafly

How does it work?


The EASIER you make it for the body to sit comfortably in cross-legged position, the better. 

When the body is comfortable, the nervous system relaxes and this has a profound effect on every aspect of our being, releasing tension and  re-establishing optimal alignment with little or no perceived effort. 

What is Buttafly?


The Buttafly is essentially two pieces of kit in one; an ergonomic seat for sitting cross-legged on the floor for practices such as yoga, pilates and meditation, and a device that can be used by nearly everyone for promoting care of the spine when lying down. 

Re-align your Spine


The beauty of the Buttafly is that any realignment takes place according to the natural intelligence of the body and in this way it is exceedingly gentle. 

Who can benefit?



When lying down, much of our weight is taken through the triangular bone at the base of the spine – known as the sacrum. With so much of our body weight resting here – the only bone that connects the top and the bottom of the body – we don’t get the benefits we should. The Buttafly aims to achieve benefits in a gentle way by offloading the sacrum and offering the body the most gentle inversion we knowThese two together facilitate an ‘unwinding’ of the habitual postures taken up during the day. 

How often do you use it?


Think of the Buttafly as like a toothbrush for the spine. Using it on a daily basis helps the spine to unwind from the postural habits of your day. At the same time, you’re investing in the health and wellbeing of your spine for the future.   

Support for Restorative Poses


Here, a Standard Buttafly is being used to support the forehead in Balasana (Child’s Pose) – much more comfortable than using a rectangular block offering space for the nose 

The Range



The Tall Buttafly is 10cms at the front edge, the same height as two regular Yoga blocks stacked together and also similar in height to a bolster. Generally speaking, it is more comfortable for those who are not so flexible in the hips – meaning that in the cross-legged position their knees are higher than the hips when ideally they should be at the same height as the hips or slightly lower.




The Standard Buttafly is the same height as a regular rectangular Yoga block – 5cms high at the front edge.

For sitting cross-legged on the floor, it is generally more suitable for those with greater flexibility of their hips. It is the most versatile model for use as a prop for Yoga and Pilates, and also the most commonly used model for back care.




The Flat Buttafly does not have a sloping upper surface and is designed for use in sitting as a “stacker” – to be used with under the Standard or the Tall Buttafly to provide additional height. It is 5 cms high and can also be used as a versatile prop.

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