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A Little Girl with Rett Syndrome

I met Wendy through WI and was instantly curious to hear about her yoga with children with special needs. I myself have practiced yoga for almost 20 years and to hear that it was accessible to my four year old disabled daughter was music to my ears.

Wendy initially gave us a 6 week trail and initially it was hard work for my daughter who has severe physical disabilities, is non- verbal and suffers from hypotonia and hyper mobile joints.

However six months on and the impact of our weekly yoga sessions are really paying off. My daughter now enjoys her yoga; she is stronger in the practice and responds so well to Wendy.

The relationship they have got is wonderful to see. Wendy had a great way of lifting my daughter and makes the yoga fun whilst adapting it to suit the needs of my daughter.

Not only has the yoga improved my daughter’s physical needs it has also helped with sleep and digestion, especially her constipation issues.

Finally it has given my daughter a hobby, something she does every week that is her time.

It's a wonderful thing for anyone to practice yoga but for those always in a wheelchair I think it is even more important and rewarding.

I can't recommend it enough.

​Mrs B, Cranmore, Somerset.



Yoga for Weight Loss Woprkshop - March 2018

Hello everybody. I am Malcolm Stevens , aged 72, though I still think I am nearer 55 Ha ha ha . Semi-retired businessman living close to in Shepton Mallet. 

Recently I have suffered several big problems. 

I met Wendy and joined her classes about 18 months ago. 
I suffer from difficult breathing ( though have NEVER smoked ) following fracturing several ribs. 

I have been for years, a little overweight. Though before my injuries in general ( apart from a couple of serious high speed crashes at well over 130 mph , on the race track, damaging my legs ) I have been very FIT. 

Wendy encouraged me to go to a lecture by Dr Campbell Murdock about weight loss in diabetes patients. Though I do NOT suffer from diabetes. I did her " Taster " course about 5 weeks ago . 

The three hour Sunday one ! Found it a bit exhausting, yet BOTH restful and strangely EXHILARATING . I had changed my diet, eating such things as broccoli, spinach ( like Popeye Lol !) 

I use YOGA to control myself better.

At the time I was about 16 stone 4 lb. In the intervening time I NOW WEIGH a mere 15 STONE 2 LB !!!!!!


Wendy's IMMENSE knowledge , EXPERIENCE , COMPLETE SUPPORT and understanding have contributed ENORMOUSLY to this. 

Indeed her WHOLE LIFESTYLE PHILOSOPHY and gentle confidence give us all so much support !

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY encourage ANYBODY to join the next weekends course on Sunday 22 nd at 09.30 am.


ALSO , PLEASE , COME and give YOGA A TRY . EVERY Monday evenings at 7.00 pm . In St Paul's Church Hall close to where Nat West Bank used to be in Shepton Mallet

I did ....... 18 months ago !


She is assisting me mentally and physically , to achieve ONE of my final bucket list items  - to again RACE my 650 BHP Mitsubishi 300 GTO Twin Turbo at Castle Combe, Silverstone , Brands Hatch etc at well over 160 mph 

Enough said, surely ???????????? 



Yoga Client Recovering from Aplastic Anaemia


In June 2015, I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, severe bone marrow failure.  The condition which is rare, is treated initially through a drug regime, but if not successful, could require a bone marrow transplant. The condition means that the patients’ blood constituents are lacking, causing fatigue, which is through the anaemia or lack of red blood cells, a likely risk of infection through a lowered white cell count or blood loss through a shortage of platelets if there is any injury or bruising.

I have been very fortunate, as I have responded well to the medication, but I also believe that the alternate therapies that I have received have gone a long way to assisting this process.

Whilst in Hospital, I was able to receive some aromatherapy and reflexology. Not knowing anything of these therapies I questioned their place, however I could clearly see that I felt good after they had been delivered. Whilst in hospital I spoke to the therapists in regard to getting further treatments when I had left and what they suggested. I spoke of reflexology and of yoga.

On discharge through local directories I found details of both Wendy Sugg, yoga teacher, and Jane Clisby reflexology and reiki therapist, both very local to myself, and arranged to meet them both.

Wendy came to my home and we spoke in depth regarding my condition, of which she had been unaware of, but she was already thinking of solutions that could be found within yoga, to assist with stimulating my immune system.  The sessions were to be one to one and every week, she comes to my home which initially takes away lots of other concerns as travelling was not always possible.

Initially I was unable to complete all the yoga poses due to my condition, but Wendy is fabulous, offering loads of support and encouragement, but more importantly ensuring that each session is bespoke enabling me to fulfil my potential each time. This might be achieved by use of additional equipment or aided through changes in the way the poses are completed.

She is passionate about yoga and how it works with a whole lifestyle, she is always ready to give other advice relaxation, meditation and diet that make up a complete therapeutic system to aid recovery and always willing to temper the sessions to the individual.

Again Jane works with those with severe medical conditions and was quick to temper her treatment to my condition using reiki as well as reflexology

I know that my continuing recovery from what is a serious condition is subject to many factors, these include my response to the medication without any sizable side effects, my positivity which has continued throughout my treatment, but I now believe that all these areas are significantly increased with Yoga and Reflexology which ensure that I feel relaxed and able to face this severe illness head on together, with the right frame of mind.

I cannot praise them enough for their work with me and hope through I continuing therapy I will see a full recovery.

Mr J, Shepton Mallet


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