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I started my yoga journey at the age of 11.  I found a book about yoga in the local health food shop and that was the beginning.

In my senior school years I attended Sunny Hill ( Bruton School for Girls ), where I gained solid foundations for the next phase of my life, which was to be travelling and working through several countries in Europe, picking up experiences and languages along the way.

In the 90's I qualified in holistic massage therapy, anatomy and physiology and went straight back to Portugal where I became the resident massage therapist, at the Algarve's beautiful Yoga Center, 'Quinta da Calma'.  It was here that I trained to be a yoga teacher and given my yoga name, 'Mahi' by Sri Swami Satchidananda.

For many years I practiced massage and yoga therapies at Quinta da Calma, where I was the personal therapist to many local dignitaries including a Princess and media celebrities.

After returning to England to have my children I furthered my training, developing my skills as a therapist and yoga teacher.

In 2010, a serious accident left me disabled and confined to a wheelchair for 9 months.  

Fortunately for me, it was a temporary situation; and during my long, slow recovery I developed my own gentle yoga routines that I could do from my bed, in my wheelchair and any other setting I felt comfortable in.  

I can truly say 'I have walked in those Moccasins' and have had first hand experience at some of the difficulties that many people encounter on a daily basis.

The accident was the gift that set me on the path to specialising in gentle yoga for people with limitations, disabilities, mental health issues and special needs, including those with sensory impairment (deafness and blindness).

I am one of the few yoga teachers in the South West of England who is specifically trained for babies and children with special needs having furthered my training at the famous ‘The Special Yoga Centre’ in London where ‘Special yoga for Special Children’ is an adaptive yoga programme designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs and have been teaching the children of Fairmead Special School in Yeovil, Somerset. 

I am fully and insured and hold an enhanced DBS with Somerset County Council, which certifies me to teach to children and vulnerable adults and can I can also conduct sessions in French and Portuguese.


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